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    12-29-2021 The End in Sight

    12-17-2021 Marketing Struggles in Self Publishing

    12-12-2021 Ophelia Kee Speaks HEA, NC, Piracy

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    Nov. 12, 2021 Two Questions Answered

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    7/25/2021 9 Benefits of Self Publishing Short Reads

    7-17-2021 Truths About Book Titles

    7-11-2021 A Personal Self Publishing Journal

    7-7-2021 How My Book Got Banned

    6-22-2021 Paid Reviews? No Way!

    6-14-2021 Indie Writer Truths about Social Media

    6-10-2021 Rainy Book Days

    6-3-2021 Book Covers and Blurbs

    5-27-2021 Books, Bought and Sold

    05-19-2021 The Little Things

    04-22-2021 Blast From the Past

    04-22-2021 Book Seven in the Draoithe Saga!

    04-03-2021 Hard Cover Anyone?

    04-10-2021 Book Promo

    03-26-2021 A New Beginning

    03-20-2021 Ghostly Kingdom

    03-17-2021 Secret Publishing